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Real Talk

October 2, 2020

What Would You Do If You Were President Of Nigeria? Winners Opinion

The first winner of Wetinuneed Independence Day Challenge Nnamdi Nwabueze tells us what he would do if he were president: This is an amazing question. If […]
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September 28, 2020

Wetinuneed Celebrates Nigeria @ 60 With A N60,000 Giveaway.

It is not that I want to be the bearer of bad news or anything like that but apart from being grateful to God for life, […]
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January 8, 2020
Whether you like it or not, only two people can determine how well I do in life; my Maker and I!!! As for the rest of you, you are simply jokers if you think that what you think of me really matters.

Real Talk – Whether you like it or not I will succeed.

Some people must be extremely stupid(pardon my choice word) to think that whether I succeed or not is dependent on how they feel about me. I […]
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January 6, 2020
Stop Talking Too Much

Real Talk: Stop Talking Too Much!!!

Honestly, I am tired of all those people I call my friends. I mean the ones that I have trusted, confided in, and so often poured […]
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November 26, 2019

Princewill On Stage

Princewill on stage is a stand-up comedy show which aims at executing comedy in a classy and direct form to a proper audience the way it […]
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