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Gain Admission Into An India University

Gain Admission Into An India University

Study in India Guru is an online admission start-up that helps students from all parts of the world get admission into any Indian college/ University of their choice. It doesn’t matter your level of education we will help you find an affordable high quality School you can enrol in in India.

We have partnered with some colleges in India which will make your admission process a guaranteed success. Also there are varieties of courses/combination here in India you can study. India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world, their medicine and IT sectors are world standard. You will be opportune to visit beautiful places like Taj Mahal and so on.

To start the study in India admission process we will demand for your latest education qualification, your international passport, passport picture and some personal information. These are scanned copies and not original but you will have to bring with you the original copies while coming to India. Our application form which is on our website will help you fill out the necessary information and submit to us.

When we get these documents we will visit the college of your choice and apply for your admission. The admission process takes within 3 weeks and if successful you will get an admission letter. We charge $400 which covers the to and fro to the college, the admission fee, the document photocopies and other miscellaneous expenses. Also bear in mind that it is not %100 guaranteed to get admission to your choice University and so we may offer you colleges that are easier to get into for international students if the admission gets rejected.

With the admission letter you can visit the nearest Indian embassy in your country and apply for student visa. You will be given a study visa with which you can come and study in India. Indian student visa doesn’t allow students to work therefore you should be aware of the financial expenses involved in studying here. India is among the cheapest place to study in the world so you will be able to manage your finances well in India.

Another important thing is that we only specialize in getting Indian college admission, we don’t work with Indian government or her embassy. We also don’t help in visa application, the applicant has to follow the rules for getting visa in their respective country. We can only help in advising you on the best places and what to be aware of while coming to India to study. Most degree courses are 3 years duration and masters courses are 2 years. So you will be fully prepared to stay in India for this duration while focusing on your studies.

To get started with getting your admission you have to visit our website study in India guru and fill out our application form. You can also chat with us using the live chat app on the website. We should be able to clear any doubts you have concerning studying in India.

Visit our Wetinuneed business page for our website link.


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