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I’ve Got The Power

I’ve Got The Power

Growing up, I realized that women have always been made to believe that they are the weaker sex but over the years and after so many opportunities lost, I have come to understand that though the world has labeled us the weaker sex, we are so much stronger than even we give ourselves credit for.

Despite the fact we are driven by our emotions, we are extremely resilient. Every single time I have watched a woman thrown to the wolves, she would always come back leading the pack. This is because the world misconstrues our emotions for weakness and If this were not the case, then tell me how someone so weak always comes out of adversities still standing strong?

They say in a confrontation between the rock and the stream, the stream always wins not through strength but by perseverance. Despite how weak the world thinks women may be, what they have failed to understand is that true strength lies in the ability to persevere and the one thing every woman knows how to do best is persevere. It does no matter how hard we fall, how low we go, or how much we hurt, a woman will never stop until she gets to where she is going. We were born to persevere and that is why we may bend in adversity, but we never break. Unfortunately, most women simply do not know how strong they are because if they did, they would never give up on their dreams no matter how many obstacles they meet along the way.

If only you were opportune to have a one-to-one with the devil himself, he would probably be in the best position to tell you the level of power a woman possesses. Have you ever wondered why the devil tempted the woman and not the man? He could so easily have tempted the man but instead, he tempted the woman and this was because even he knew she was more of a threat to him than the man and so as a result of his fear of the woman, what the devil did was a very simple case of “eliminating the competition”.

I call it eliminating the competition because we all have a natural instinct to compete with one another. However, in competing we are always aware of those that we can beat and those that we cannot beat and as a result of this awareness, we feel more comfortable eliminating the ones we feel we cannot beat not because they are in competition with us, but because we are afraid that they might beat us. This is why the devil chose to tempt the woman and not the man, he was afraid. The world has since continued to put us in a box and label us weak because they are also afraid of our ability to win. We have remained in this box labeled weak for far too long and the time has come for us to come out.

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Harriet Beecher Stowe once said, “women are the real architects of society”. We are the architects because we are the building blocks, constantly building, fixing, teaching,

and enduring along the way. It is in our DNA to build. We were created to build and no matter how hard they try to confuse us, distract us, or deceive us, the fact still remains that it is what it is and we are what we are; builders. We are builders because we have the ability to persevere and we have the ability to persevere because we are strong. Therefore Whilst the man remains the head, we remain the backbone because of our strength.

The power of a woman lies in her ability to persevere. I always say that anyone who can persevere through nine months of Labour, bring forth a child, care for and continue to be responsible for that child until the day she dies, is indeed a true definition of strength and will succeed in anything that she sets her heart to do. Benjamin Disraeli said you can tell the strength of a nation by the women behind its men. The man may rule the country but the woman is the man’s backbone. So the next time someone calls you the weak, say to them if I were that weak, the devil would never have tried so hard to eliminate me from the race.

It does not matter how hard they try to eliminate us because we were, we are, we will continue to remain in the race and until we get to the top, we will never stop. As a woman, you must therefore make an extra effort to succeed because If you fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes.” They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes”. So no matter how long the road, you must always remember that you are a woman born with the strength to persevere through any kind of weather and come out at the other side a winner. What this simply means is that you cannot stop until you get to the top.


Buchi Madiebo Solomon is a prolific writer and advocate for women. Through OWDET(Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things) an organization that she founded, she has dedicated her life to teaching and encouraging all women to live a fulfilled, happy, prosperous, and purposeful life. OWDET is a sanctuary, a home away from home… a safe haven where all women can find peace, heal, grow and rediscover themselves.
“Living the purpose for which God has called you to live is the best kind of life you could ever live.”
-Buchi Madiebo Solomon










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