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Latest Way To Promote Your Business Online For Free

Latest Way To Promote Your Business Online For Free

Wetinuneed has something new and benefiting for every Large, Sme (small/ medium enterprise) and Msme (micro small medium enterprise) in Nigeria. Our mission is to make advertising very affordable for all businesses and our solutions are geared towards achieving this goal. We know how tasking it is to start a business and at the same time promote it online. We have been there and so we totally understand.

The Wetinuneed “Promote My Business” service is designed to make your business more visible on social media and get you the popularity and clients you need. All you have to do is write a detailed article about your product/service/company and submit it to us. We will review it and if it meets our criteria we will publish it on our diary section absolutely free.

Benefits of Submitting Your Business Article:

  1.  Automatically your business name/service comes up when searched on google and you will receive more organic search engine visitors to your page.
  2. Your business name/service will be advertised to millions of Nigerians on various social media platform. We currently have 30,000+ followers on our facebook page and more than 9000 followers on Instagram (it keeps increasing every day).
  3. We reduce your digital marketing expenses since we are promoting you on our platform absolutely free.
  4. As long as your article is published on our platform, you stand a chance of getting more clients from google search engine.
  5. Publishing your article with us is FREE so what have you got to lose?


Article Writing & Submission Guidelines:

  1. Your article must be detailed and unique.
  2. Your article must not be less than 500 words. You can head over to and check the word count of your article.
  3. See your article as your sales pitch and make sure you explain your services, costs and requirements in detail where necessary. Here is a sample of an article to emulate
  4. The title must be attractive in order to get more clicks if promoted on Facebook.
  5. The body content must be free from grammatical errors and plagiarism (your article won’t be published if this is the case)
  6. We will need at least one header image of size 1200 x 628 pixels to serve as the featured image of your article. If you have products to showcase inside the article, you can send a minimum of 4 other images that showcase or describe your business or products.
  7. Please ensure that all your images are of a good quality and look professional. The better your images the better your chances of engaging more customers.
  8. Forward your article and images as a Microsoft document file to [email protected], we will respond to you whether we publish your article or not.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. We reserve the right to approve or reject any articles that are not in line with our terms and conditions.
  2. We reserve the right to delete any article at anytime.
  3. Your Business must be listed in our Business Directory in order for us to publish your Article.
  4. You are only allowed to link your business article to your Wetinuneed Business Directory Page   (we don’t accept any other links).

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  1. Haniezbakes says:

    Hi, just went through your page and loved every bit of it.. I actually run a bakery business but have had to struggle a little bit, especially with online sales.. Pls I’ll truly and sincerely appreciate if you can help me with this.
    Thanks for setting up an online business that serves as a solution provider to businesses.. GOD bless you

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