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Learn How to Start Your Own Shawarma Business & Win A Free Shawarma Machine Toaster & Grill Set.

Learn How to Start Your Own Shawarma Business & Win A Free Shawarma Machine Toaster & Grill Set.

Shawarma is originally a Middle Eastern cuisine made of meat cut into thin slices, stacked up in a cone-like shape, and roasted on a slowly turning vertical rotisserie or spit. Shawarma was originally made of lamb or mutton but today shawarma is made of chicken, turkey and beef. The Nigerian shawarma however has been revamped to appeal to the typical Nigerian person’s taste bud and it is usually made with beef, chicken, Frankfurters (Sausage) and not to mention some spice to give it that extra zing.

Shawarma is now one of the most sought after meals by both adults and children, male and female in Nigeria. The fact that shawarmas are loved by most means that it could be a very lucrative business that can earn you a really good income if you do it correctly. Unlike many other meals, preparing a shawarma is actually quite easy as it requires not too much skill or complicated ingredients. However before you think of venturing into the shawarma business there are certain things that you need to know and also put into considerations. Some of these things include;

  • Where you will position your Business (location).
  • Whom you intend to be selling to (potential buyers or target market).
  • Who else is doing the same business around you (competitors).
  • How much you intend to invest (cost).
  • How much you intend to sell (price).

Whichever city you reside in and decide to start your business from, the requirements are pretty much the same. So before you start, we would advise that you consider writing a business plan in order for you to stay on track and not deviate from the plan. A business plan is important because it is basically your business on paper and seeing the business on paper helps make it more of a reality. It will help you stay focused on all aspects of your business which will eventually result in your success.

The shawarma business is very profitable because it is easy to start and people love a tasty shawarma. As long as your recipe is on point, you will have no problems selling. The profit you make in the shawarma business depends on how many pieces of shawarmas you are able to sell a day. The more you sell, the more you earn. You will make a profit even if you sell only 10 pieces a day however, it is important that you aim to sell much more. How you operate and manage your business and your customers will determine how well your business does. Ensure that your shawarma is tasty, affordable but most importantly you always treat your customers right. As your business grows in time, you can also add other things to your menus such as potato chips.

What You Need To Consider Before You Start

Although this may not be completely necessary, it may be a good idea to get some sort of training from an expert on how to prepare tasty shawarmas. This training may take approximately one week because a shawarma is not a very difficult thing to make.

It is very important to find a relatively busy location for your shawarma business. A place where there is a lot of foot traffic will be most ideal. It could be a commercial area i.e. an areas with lots of offices, outside a busy supermarket, church, school or bar. Try looking for such Places and ensure that there is no competition around then speak to the owners of such establishments in order to negotiate rent so that you can setup your business in that vicinity. In time and as you grow, you can have more than one shawarma stand and employ staff to help run them whilst you generally manage all of them by visiting each stand regularly.

Your Target Market
Who are you selling your shawarmas to? You need to consider your target market prior to setting up as this will tell you exactly where you need to be located. Not everyone can afford the luxury of buying a shawarma so you cannot set up your shawarma stand in a low income or rural area. You need to consider the kind of people you intend to sell to and ensure that such people live or work around the area you are looking to set up your business. Determine who your target market are and ensure they have the capacity to buy because your success is dependent on these buyers. In other words, the more buyers you have, the more profit you make.

Because of how lucrative it is, there are so many people in the shawarma business and as such these people are your competitors. In order to stay competitive you need to look into their businesses so as to determine what it is they are doing right or wrong; that you can improve on them in your own business. What this means is you will have to visit your competitors stands and buy/taste their shawarmas so as to know how best to improve on your service and product. The better your service and product, the more you will sell. The more you sell, the more profit you make. The whole idea is to enter the market with a product that is better than what is currently the best in the market.

Advertising your business is also very important because no matter how great your product is, if people do not know you exist, they cannot come and buy from you. The good thing about advertising this business is that it can be as cost effective as you want it to be which means you can advertise within your budget. You can advertise Wetinuneed, Facebook, Instagram and any other free social media or online portals. If you have some money to spare, for as little as N100 a day you can also do some paid adverts on Wetinuneed or for a pity more on any of the other platforms to further boost your advertising reach. You can also print fliers and distribute them to people around your business location and tell friends and family to also spread the word.

Your Marketing Strategy
Your marketing strategy is extremely important because it will help make your business a success and your brand popular. When you draw up your marketing plan you will need to consider something known as the marketing mix (The 4p’s)

  • Product: What are you selling?
  • Place: Where are you selling it?
  • Promotions: How do you intend to promote it?
  • Price: How much do you intend to sell it for?

If you are able to answer all these questions, effectively, you are on your way to becoming a successful Shawarma business owner. Once all of this is in place then find out what documentation is required from the government, local government or the premises you intend to sell from. As you start to make money, you will need to name your Shawarma Business, List it in the Wetinuneed.com Business Directory and register it with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). There you go…you are now a proud business owner!

In a bid to encourage small Business start-ups, Wetinuneed is giving away a brand new Shawarma Making Machine Grill and Toaster Set to one lucky individual and this person could be you. All you have to do to qualify is share this post on your Facebook & IG Wall, send us a screenshot via email to [email protected] with one reason why you should win. Keep checking wetinuneed.com/diary where our lucky winner will be announced.


  1. Ada Okezie says:

    God bless you for giving us this opportunity .
    Thank you !
    The Sharwama machine will help empower me more since I’m already in that line of business . I produce coated peanuts , so if I get the machine I will join both businesses and do exploits by God’s grace .

    • Kennis Chinakwaeze says:

      Please how do I contact you. I need to learn how to make shawarma cos I want to start the business. I’m currently located at Enugu

  2. Grace Talatu Manga says:

    Great job wetinuneed,thanks for helping people start their businesses,am interested,am at a culinary school, learning baking,small chops shawarma and pizza in Jos.I intend to have a small shawarma shop close to car wash,it’s a busy area.

  3. Olushola Iyun says:

    This is very informative. I love it.

  4. Omobolaji Ibrahim says:

    So nice to read ❤️

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    God bless you so much… Great job wetinuneed..m thanks for this opportunity… I’m interested, I’m a baker so this will help enhance my baking business

  7. Magdalene says:

    Very good and educative write up. I really love it

  8. Chisom says:

    Wetinuneed thank you for bringing up this platform to empower us, the youth., I duely appreciate you guys.

    • Thank you so much for giving me this amazing opportunity, I am into a sharwama business if God permit me to become the winner… this machine will expand my business in a big way, pray to be favoured and I will always remain greatful you guys thanks remain God’s bless.

    • Ameenah says:

      Thank you for giving us this opportunity @wetinuneed as a baker the shawarma making machine will aid me in making larger quantity of shawarma & also provide job opportunity for a number of people as I’ll like to employ more people for efficiency in the buisness if I am lucky enough to win this machine.
      Also considering my location demand is high while supply is low.

  9. Chinonye okpala says:

    Very helpful, already thinking of starting this business back at home,?i pray I win this

  10. Oluwatoyosi says:

    This information is very helpful.

  11. Chiamaka okafor says:

    Wow wetinuneed you are are Amazing for this great opportunity for our young scholars

  12. Emily says:

    Learn so much here

  13. Genevieve oyama says:

    Thanks so much for giving me more insight on this business.i really pray I win this machine since I make small chops adding sharwama to it will expand my business brand and I can also employ a few people to work with me there by providing employment.

  14. This is very insightful. Going through this I realized the areas I needed to work on in my business.

  15. Oven_relish says:

    Wow,this is superb,I am a proud business owner because I already registered with cac,I learnt sharwama professionally,I will be very glad if I could win this machine so as to showcase myself and also employ more people,I believe if I have the tools,I will deliver to people excellently,so help me God,amen.God bless wetinuneed.

  16. Olorunsola Bunmi says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity, I will like the shawarma machine bcz am into popcorn production already and wants to add snack so by adding the shawarma will not be a bad idea.thanks

  17. CHIZOBA EZEH says:

    Nice piece of encouragement.

  18. Comfort Emmanuel says:

    Thank you for this opportunity, I started my good,business lately, so I could be able to fund my education better till the end I attended a food training last month for shawarma, burger, pastries,and small chops, so basically getting a professional shawarma spot needs this machine, and I have been trying to get one until I stumbled on this today,I have my target market already, know about my competitors and everything,i hope I win this it’d would be a great headstart

  19. ibukun Richard says:

    I really love dis empowerment cos I have been planning to have dis bakery stuff like snacks and drinks soon along badagry road and I will be very grateful if I can win dis shawarma and popcorn machine cos I don’t have money to buy.

  20. Basi Akujobi says:

    Many thanks to wetinuneed for this opportunity.
    Waoh, i just opened a new restaurant and on my fliers i included shawarma as part of what we offer, my son said to me, mummy where is the shawarma you put up on your fliers since you started cooking and selling your food, and people have been coming they want shawarma.. my response to him was dont worry very soon i will sell enough food to have enough money to include making sharwama…so seeing this add just thought to myself give it a try thats your dream come through for Babem kitchen, so If I am given this machine, it would really help me to make a living to support my family,my business and to meet the needs of some of my customers who have been stopping bye for some tasty good sharwama.? hmmm yummy

  21. Adu Abiodun says:

    I will appreciate the shawarma and grill machine ,it will really be a great oppptunity for me to upgrade. My business ,have always had passion for chops and grills,I m I to baking and this ll be a side business for me and it will really help my brand speedily

  22. Otta Catherine Adaeze says:

    Wow!! Wetinuneed I want to thank you for all you are doing. I just completed my training on culinary skills not to long and having this machine is a very big privilege for me to live out my dreams of becoming a global chef?

  23. Chuma Ann says:

    All thanks to you for this wonderful opportunity, it’s rare and I really learnt alot. I’m into bakery and have always wanted to add something new, if given the machine it will really go a long way.

  24. NUKA PRINCESS says:

    Wow…. beautiful write up….I learnt a lot,,,, will love to do this business,I just finished training….. getting the machine can help me start my own business.. thanks

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