Real Talk - Stop Talking Too Much

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Real Talk: Stop Talking Too Much!!!

Real Talk: Stop Talking Too Much!!!

Stop Talking Too Much

Honestly, I am tired of all those people I call my friends. I mean the ones that I have trusted, confided in, and so often poured out my heart to. In retrospect, these so-called people whom I refer to as friends are actually not too far off from the ones I call enemies. Everything I shared with them in private they have turned around and used against me in public. Everything I have done for them for good, they have turned around and paid me back for evil. Now I totally understand why we have so often been told to be mindful of the things we tell our friends because a friend today can become an enemy tomorrow.

I have learnt over the years and even more so recently that being a one-man band is not really as bad as people make it out to be. We are all so afraid of being alone and as a result, we go and gather all manner of characters and label them as friends just because we desire company and because we think they will make us happy. You don’t have to have so many friends to be happy. As a matter of fact, I have also come to realise that you don’t necessarily need to have any friends at all to be happy because, in the end, the one that will hurt you where it hurts you the most is the one that you call a friend and think will hurt you the least. Believe me when I tell you that even though I may sound angry, I am writing from experience.

They say that Alpha females don’t run in packs. The truth of the matter is this; if you are an Alpha female and you are busy running around with the rest of your pack, the chances of at least one if not all of them hurting you will be extremely high. People can only hurt you when they have access to you and the ones that we tend to give access to are the ones we trust. The ones we trust are the ones we call our friends but in the end, those same friends that you have at some point fed when they were hungry are the exact same friends that will deprive you of food not because they are hungry but because they just want to see you starve. 

So many of us are dining with the devil at very close proximity and calling him our friend. We have handed him a spare key and given him uninterrupted access to our homes, into your lives, into our hearts, into our minds and into our businesses. When things start going wrong we run around like headless chickens wondering why someone else is always beating us to our promise land. I think we should stop running around for a second, take a seat and start think about that person with our spare key, the one we always talk to about our next move because if someone is constantly beating you to your next move, then someone else is constantly telling them how to go about it.

Learn to start talking less! Stop telling anyone your next move! You need to shut up about it until you achieve it. When you achieve it, you don’t need to talk about it because they will see it. Instead of talking too much, find something more productive to do with your time like reading a book. When you read, you are inclined to talk less and when you talk less, you don’t need anyone to talk to. If you don’t need anyone to talk to, you will have little or no friends. Some of you will talk your entire destiny out of existence and into oblivion. Stop talking too much! Stop telling your so-called friends your every move because to be honest, they don’t really care. They also don’t want you to do better than them so if you keep telling them about your big plans, big dreams and big aspirations by the time you are done talking and they are done listening you will have no plans, no dreams and no aspirations. Look at it this way, Jesus trusted Judas…need I say more?

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