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Wetinuneed Celebrates Nigeria @ 60 With A N60,000 Giveaway.

Wetinuneed Celebrates Nigeria @ 60 With A N60,000 Giveaway.

It is not that I want to be the bearer of bad news or anything like that but apart from being grateful to God for life, is there really anything happy about the Nigerian Independence Day or about even being a Nigerian? This is why I do not even know how to begin to wish you all a happy Independence Day!!!

I am a small business owner and the other day I received an invoice from the Industrial Training Fund (ITF). The ITF is a parastatal of the Federal Government of Nigeria under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment that was established in 1971 to promote and encourage the development and acquisition of industrial and commercial skills required in various industries across the nation. They are supposed to provide direct training, vocational and apprentice training, Research and Consultancy, Reimbursement of up to 50% Levy paid by employers of labour registered with it, administer the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES), and also human resources services.

The Funds of the ITF is gotten from Payroll tax which every employer of labour with more than 5 staff are meant to pay on each staff so long as they are employed for the return of salary, wages or other consideration. The ITF offers reimbursement and grant schemes for employment depending on the rate as published. The ITF with the funds bears part of the cost and also gives grant for further studies under this scheme.

As you can see they are a body established by the government to help, encourage and support business  growth. Recently they sent me their yearly bill which was higher than normal. For starters my little business didn’t make much that year and I felt I should not be forced to pay that much. So I contacted them and was told I had no choice but to pay it and whether my business made money or not was not their problem. The woman very rudely went on to tell me “after all there are companies that pay us hundreds of millions and she sees no reason why I was disturbing her because of a mere 300k. After all you pay Lagos state taxes so why should you not pay this she added. I was totally shocked, infuriated and disgusted by this woman who happened to be the head of the branch that sent me that bill.

This 300k charge was supposed to cover the cost of them training my staff that year but guess what? They have never ever come to give us one training. Then at the end of the year ITF send this huge bill for a training that we never had. Please tell me….who does that? I sent an email complaining to the DG of the ITF and I copied the Public complaints Commission (PCC) but till today, not one of them has responded!!!

So the bottom line is this, how am I supposed to have or wish anyone a happy Independence day in a country where I feel like a slave to the very people I elected to ensure my independence and safety?  How can a government parastatal that runs on our hard earned taxes be lord over us the tax payers? Only in Nigeria do tax paying  citizens end up being salves to the very public servants that they put in office with their hard earned money!!!

Where do we draw the line in this country? Yet the government expect us to celebrate Independence Day? Were we not better off in the hands of our colonial masters? Were we not better off with them than with our own people whom we entrusted our motherland to and whom have turned out to be even worse that the so called colonial masters? With all the looting, over taxing and inciting of fear and uncertainty would we not have been better off with them rather than with those leading us today?

Ours is the only country I know that has gained her so called independence but yet her citizens are still living in bondage. No company should be forced to participate in the ITF training if they cannot afford it or do not want to participate in it. Forcing us to do so amounts to bullying!!!! Especially when the so called training never takes place and adds no single value to ones business.

Honestly if I were to be president, the first thing I would do would be to abolish all those useless government parastatals that have been set up to siphon through intimidation money from poor unsuspecting citizens like me and I would start with the so called ITF. They do all this rubbish, force us to pay money we have not even made in our businesses and then with the same yard stick the government arrest fraudsters!!!!  Please what is the difference between a fraudster and the ITF? Why will people not go into fraud and do illicit things to make money when all the government ever does is frustrate our every single effort to raise our heads above water?

So I apologize unreservedly in advance if I  do not wish anyone a happy Independence Day; it is simply because I am not happy and I have no freedom in a country that claims to be free!!!!!! So No No No Happy Independence Day!!!!!!

Written By:
A not so happy or proud Nigerian

Hmmmmm……to celebrate a Not So Happy Independence Day, Wetinuneed is giving away N60,000 (30k each for 2 lucky winners).

All you have to share this article on your FB timeline then comment underneath it one thing you will change and how you intend to change it if you were the president.

Take a screen shot of the comment and send it via email to [email protected]. 2 Winners @ N30,000 each will be announced at https://wetinuneed.com/diary/


  1. Adedayo Victoria Seun says:

    Thanks for this message, may the Lord heal our land, please remember me for good, I try to put in for the ITF program but I was told to pay and I don’t have money to do so.


    The blood shed in this country is alarming. No right thinking person will be happy with this.
    As for me, I am no longer at ease
    If I were the president, I will fortify the security outfits, provide them with sophisticated gadgets and weapons, give them adequate training and manpower, pay them reasonable salaries and as when due and eschew politics from security issues.
    I will try to improve the welfare of the citizens and initiate round table dialogue with interest groups so as to carry everyone along


    Well… Actually I don’t like deceiving myself singing this popular…”parents listen to your children, WE ARE THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW* I don’t believe in politics or anything around it… But what choice do we I have… It’s ba sad Independence indeed… If I become the president the one huge thing I believe can bring the change is to divide this country to THREE…to be continued


    Well… Actually I don’t like deceiving myself singing this popular…”parents listen to your children, WE ARE THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW* I don’t believe in politics or anything around it… But what choice do we I have… It’s ba sad Independence indeed… If I become the president the one huge thing I believe can bring the change is to divide this country to THREE… The YORUBAS, IGBOS and the HAUSAS would be given the freedom they desired… you might be wondering that who am I now going to preside on… If am in Yoruba region I would continue or another election should be conducted for the 3 regions after which it has been approved… we only understand ourselves…. I felt this country needs to be freed per region/tribe


      If am the president of Nigeria one thing I change is the mind set of Nigerians which is siphoning of money if having opportunity to be elected into a position in Nigeria government.
      Am going to let the Senate know why we need to establish law that will jail anybody including me as a president if caught in the act.be cause Nigeria money is meant for the people not elected individuals be a politician or citizens in government parastatars,by so doing meaningful development and change of mind set will be in the heart of every citizens.

  5. Olatunji Yusuf says:

    First thing is to reduce the fuel price, infrastructural development, increase local production of food and other services, improve the security standard of the nation, be fair in dealing with every regions, have the fear of God because I believe what ever I do I will account for it when I die

  6. I will empower youth with handwork and graduated student with no work , fight corruption with all what is in my power and fixed the the economy with the help of god and support of people. Thanks

  7. Tosin Wunmi says:

    I want to be the change in nigeria where all tribes are united, the lives of every citizen matter..
    For me the first thing a president should find solution to is
    Security. The armed forces have to be well equipped and trained and given a fresh patriotic orientation.
    B. Power. This has to be fixed with 2 years maximum. There has to be at least 20 hours of electricity
    C. Education. Basic quality education must be available from primary to secondary level free of charge. Education will actually change our views of life.. But before we can make a change we have to be the change… Happy Independence To Nigeria ??

  8. Obi Chinekwu says:

    Well said

  9. Anyara John says:

    Nigeria is my country. Like some people say that Nigeria has become rotten filled with undeserved people and we should relocate to other countries.
    If indeed l were the president of Nigeria, l would start with the top by making a decree that debar unualified politicians from being in office.
    The decree will make that graduates have necessary qualifications to get into politics and that the age limit is within 35 to 45 before seeking office.

  10. Obumneme Offorkansi says:

    Very interesting article. Just like me, I don’t see what to celebrate or what we are celebrating. I just wish and pray my dear country become a better country where all the citizens can be treated equally with everyone having at least complete meal daily with basic amenities to sustain lives and promote business.

  11. Interesting question. As the president of Nigeria, I would make it my mission to give Nigeria a goal – a goal that every Nigerian could get behind and benefit from; a goal that would tap into qualities that Nigerians naturally possess; a goal that if realised, would make Nigeria known globally for something – something other than corruption, fraud and perennial underachievement.

    So what might that goal be? For me it would have to be to make Nigeria a hotbed of entrepreneurship. I truly believe that Nigerians are inherently an entrepreneurial people and who better than entrepreneurs to pull the country out of the doldrums it finds itself in?

    You might ask how I would go about doing this. Well I would institute a massive programme of change – a huge national entrepreneurship drive that I would personally champion and lead and empower my government to implement. The programme would amongst other things:

    Make it significantly easier and cheaper to register a business.
    Continually measure and improve the cost of doing business.
    Create a platform for Nigerians in the Diaspora to fund , invest in, or otherwise participate in local small business ventures.
    Improve access to funding for small businesses
    Emphasise entrepreneurship in school curricula – from primary through to tertiary levels
    Facilitate entrepreneurship training and mentoring programmes.
    Promote and facilitate the export of Nigerian products and services, by entering trade agreements with foreign nations and enforcing quality standards.
    Create an enabling environment for local businesses with policies that favour them over foreign competitors, e.g. through import regulation.
    Support all of the above with a media campaign, both nationally and internationally, to promote the programme.
    Nigeria undoubtedly has many problems – failing infrastructure, poor healthcare, inadequate electricity, economic inequality, declining education standards to name a few, but trying to solve all of these problems at once with limited funds and ever-falling revenues is quite frankly a nonstarter. What it needs, in my opinion, is to focus on a clear and unambiguous high-yield goal that it can pour its limited resources into and to my mind at least, nothing fits the bill better than entrepreneurship. Thank you.

  12. Adebisi Mariam says:

    Hmmn. This is so disheartening ☹️

  13. It’s a fact that the system is messed up. It’s a fact that leadership in the country is a total mess. It’s a fact that Nigerians are fed up with all the despicable happenings in the country that moving out and living out the rest of their days in better countries is now the Nigerian dream. It’s a fact that the custodians of power and authority in the country have succeeded in using their privileged positions to intimidate and enrich themselves to the detriment of those who they are thrust to serve.
    I can go on and on reeling out all the flaws of this dysfunctional state and system. But one thing I won’t fail to say is that our destiny is already in our hands. Hence the solution to the vast problems bedeviling our dear country Nigeria lies within our reach. All we need do is to stretch out our hands and collectively solve it.
    Power resides where people believe it breathes from. If we believe we are powerless to root out the ills in Nigeria and hence resign to faith or resort to allowing those we know as the bad eggs in the system do the work of solving our problems, then we should sit down and relax while the roof collapses on our heads. But if we believe otherwise, then it’s high time we took matters into our hands by becoming our brother’s keeper. How? Using the SARS episode that’s been on gor a while now and became serious lately as an example; IF I WAS THE PRESIDENT, First thing i’d do is to reform the Nigerian Police force and then go ahead to make Teachers the most paid in civil service in a bid to resuscitate our educational system again, I’ll put things in order. Once our educational and policing system is sound, I believe electricity will follow suit.

  14. Nnamdi Nwabueze says:

    This is an amazing question. If I were to be the president of Nigeria, I would make sure to accomplish these four important things. First, I would strengthen and invest on our educational system, second, I would make sure that everyone has equal and fair treatment in our country, third, I would provide basic amenities for everyone, and lastly, I would secure and protect our borders.

    The educational system of Nigeria is not one in which we should be happy of. Nigeria have schools, colleges, universities and learning institutions, but our learning environment are not set as high and competitive as other countries. For instance, Nigeria does not fund our schools adequately. Teachers teach with not enough books, no supplies, no good and working labs or books that are often over 20 years old. How can we expect our children to be updated with the worlds information if our teaching materials are not new or probably does not meet international standards? So sad to say that teachers in our public schools are forced to buy text books and supplies for our children with their own salary. Why do they do this? This is because they believe that out children are the leaders of tomorrow. Do you know? Teachers are one of the countries lowest paid professionals. I will make sure that I revitalize the educational system in order to meet international standards.

    If I were president, I would also make sure that everyone in this country is being treated equal and fair. Treating everyone equal and fair has to do with age, gender, equal housing, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, and credit, to mention but few. The Civil Rights Act of 1999 helped to put in place what the amendments tried to do early in history, but do you know what? There is still much to be done. Companies needs to be regulated better and stricter rules need to be imposed and fined if necessary. Every Nigerian deserves the right to be treated with equality and fairness whether they are male or female, old or young, or non black.

    Provision of basic amenities for everyone would be on my list. Bad roads, interrupted electricity supply, dilapidated school structures, and poor health care facilities have been the order of the day. Basic amenities makes life good for the people. They are things considered to be essential to make life easier and more pleasant. I will make sure to provide every part of the country with amenities such as good and working roads, running water, working health care, subsidized fuel, stable electricity and so on.

    Lastly, Nigeria is said to be a country in West Africa. Nigeria shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. It also shares a border with the self-declared, but internationally unrecognized state of Ambazonia in the southeast. Its coast lies on the Gulf of Guinea in the south and it borders Lake Chad to the northeast. Securing Nigeria’s borders will be undertaken to strengthen the nation’s security and protect its economic interests. This is to make sure that the well-being of the people is ensured and the economy is secured. However, this idea is to ensure that the protocol that is involved in the movement of goods and trade facilitation is strictly adhered.

    With all these been said, there is no doubt to mention that Nigeria will be on its journey of regaining its lost glory.

    Thanks for reading

  15. Osa-ighodalo says:

    If I were to become president, the welfare of the masses will be my main priority.people are dying of starvation, others are suffering from malnutrition and some are even homeless.we know the masses make up a nation and without healthy masses,no healthy nation.. As a president i will reduced l the prices of stocks and food items both imported and country made.set up an organization mainly for providing food for the less privilege, feeding children on the streets,I will provide homes for the homeless, no matter how small so they should have a roof over their heads and also..provide self employment so people can see what they can depend on,assign governors from each state to build free hospitals for the sick..health comes first before riches and before war.

  16. Chukwu Oyin says:

    Well-being of RETIREES: Synergically Reducing Futuristic Corruption & Crimes
    Follow me as I show you , how this can be achieved.
    I will address the older citizens(Our retired & old fathers & mothers) who account for roughly 20% of the population . I would ensure that every retiree has his benefits paid into his or her account before the 30th day of each month.

    I would also make sure that social workers carry out the necessary verification once a year by visiting them at home rather than disrespecting them by having them travel long distances and spending long hours on queues designed to cut short their lives.

    The YOUTHS in the first category have seen ,how they will end up if they don’t steal enough to cater for themselves in old age. So, many steal not because they want to but because they have seen that we live in a jungle where only the fittest is allowed to survive.Now you see we can kill two birds with one stone. God bless NIGERIA!!!

    Chukwu Oyin

  17. May Allah continue to bless you and bless Nigeria
    My country my pride
    Divine favour in shaa Allah
    NIGERIA_Forward ever Backward never
    My country Nigeria…. There’s hope for you

  18. Itz Ekenedili Chukzylee says:

    If I was the President, the number one thing I will change is to make sure the SECURITY of the country is 100% because without it the country can’t have peace.
    Nigeria was recently ranked Number 3 in World Terrorism Index.

    Security of life and properties has been a problem for the past and present governments in which they have failed Nigerians woefully. Billions of dollars, aside from thousands of lives, have been lost due to insecurity in the country through the fight against terrorist groups ranging from Boko Haram in the North to Militants in the South.

    Currently, each household in Nigeria has it own police force (gateman/mai guard). No wonder Nigerians don’t expect anything anymore from their leaders and little wonder the politicians help themselves to resources meant for these things.

    This is how I would tackle the outstanding security issues:

    The police, which are the primary custodian of security, would be appreciated more for their efforts.

    I realize Nigerian policemen can be effective when well equipped and appreciated.
    At the event of the death of any security officer on duty, their children would be fully sponsored to tertiary level on government account.
    Their lives will be insured by a reputable insurance firm and would ensure that their country immortalizes them.

    I will put a strict order in place against bribery for as low as N20 which they will lose the job and get prosecuted if found guilty.

    The security rescue lines would be kept active.

    Also, all phone call data will be kept to monitor time interval between distress calls and police, firemen, NEMA response time. This will help ensure an effective system. In the absence of NEPA infrastructure, I would sub-contract the CCTV camera technology that would monitor our highways and streets to telecom companies who may use the same generator used to power their base stations to power the street cameras.

    I would leave the next government to tackle infrastructure problem (such as water, energy and roads) which would require a stable and secured environment to put in place. This will be my own contribution towards the changing of Nigeria. Thank you and Happy Independence.

  19. Japhet Ekpo says:

    Well I thank God that was posted is correct God bless Nigeria

  20. Japhet. Ekpo says:

    Every contribution made here is outstanding we believe that Nigeria will be great one day

  21. Odetunde says:

    As hv earlier said deres a lot to be changed in our beloved country. But firstly we HV to change our mindset our way of thinking. D change has to start with d leader having d benefit of d followers at hrt. And not abt my own selfish interest. Wen a leader possess dis I believe all d change we want in our economy will be achieved


    Wetinuneed . com God will bless you more and more. I need the popcorn machine kindly assist me please.

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